• What factors should be considered in choosing materials for outdoor furniture?

    Summer is coming, and outdoor furniture will soon be used. You may consider that outdoor furniture should have the same characteristics as indoor furniture such as tables, chairs and sofas, such as durability, comfort and style (and of course, the price). These are necessary. But the main differe...
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  • Furniture can also become art

    Some furniture itself contains sculpture material, especially those of wood, metal, ceramic or resin, which can be classified into another category besides practical seats. If possible, ask the artist to take a look at where your garden and furniture are to be placed, or provide him with as many ...
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  • What are the requirements for outdoor furniture?

    In order to make outdoor furniture better adapt to the outdoor environment and make people have leisure and comfortable activities in the outdoor environment, outdoor furniture usually has the following requirements: 1. Long service life, durable Compared with outdoor furniture, the most prominen...
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